I grew up in a home where I was surrounded by the messiness and playfulness of art — my mother was an artist who worked in media from fabric to oil paint to wax and dye, always at our dining room table. The physicality of making art was always present in my childhood — scraps of fabric from a quilt littering the floor, dirty paintbrushes in the sink.

It took me many years, but lately I’ve learned how much engaging with the physical world and making a mess is important to my own creativity. I rediscovered the pleasure of analog photography, and the childlike joy of playing with chemicals to reveal latent images in the dark of a developing tank. I’ve started working with large format film, which brings a delightful formality and sense of ceremony. The negatives it produces lend themselves to physical modification before and during scanning. These physical modifications let me create a more dreamlike or metaphorical final image while maintaining the ways of seeing that are unique to photography.

Using Format